Panties & Petti Shorts (Lace)

$ 16.00

Ruffle panties, lace petti pants, booty rumba shorts.. Whatever you call them, we have them for you! We offer 3 styles of these fun lace panty - shorts. A panty, a low rise booty short, and a traditional petti pant short. Nylon lingerie fabric with cotton lace. 

Care:  Hand wash warm. No bleach. Drip or fluff dry - can go in dryer for short time

Style: Panties  0 inseam, with lace ruffles front and back. 5 rows of lace

Style: Low rise booty shorts. 1" inseam, with chiffon ruffles. 6-7 rows of chiffon ruffles (depending on  size).Style:  Petti Shorts

Style High Waist Petti Shorts, 3" inseam, with lace ruffles. 8 rows of lace (depending on size). Very stretchy. XL goes to 48" waist

Please note that for health reasons we do not, under any circumstances, accept exchange of pettipants.