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Crown Gold Leaf Headband - Stefana


$ 35.00
Beautiful, handmade gold color metal crowns with leaves. This is a full circle crown, with no openings, a true CROWN!  In Stock and ready to ship

Diameter of crown circle circumference 20- 22.5" Will fit many different head sizes. Can be worn forward, tilted back, very versatile. Made with brass coated in gold metallic. It is a true gold, does not look brassy. Bright and gold.

Tradition: In a Greek wedding, two gold crowns are made and connected by a single strand of ribbon. This symbolizes the union of the two people into a single married couple. The crown also signifies that they shall rule over their household together. The crowns are called “stefana” in Greek. During the ceremony, the crowns are swapped back and forth three times by the koumbaro.

The koumbaro will also stand by the groom during the ceremony, and has other obligations like procuring the wedding crowns.

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