Crinoline Petticoat

Crinoline Petticoat Knee or Short

$ 45.00
  • Shorter Crinoline Pettis above knee or just to the top of knee.  3 Lengths, Lots of colors.  These are 2 layers , the inner layer is smooth organza, the outer later is fine mesh netting.  Both hems are finished beautifully with a satin ribbon finish.
  • VERSATILE - You will love our crinoline petticoats for every day wear with a circle skirt or a dress that need some OOMPH.. - a rockabilly or vintage style - endless possibilities! Also popular as a bridal petticoat, or with an above knee length petticoat dress, or vintage dress.
  • COLORS - Looking for a red petticoat, white petticoat, light pink petticoat, black petticoat, blue petticoat, purple crinoline petticoat, orange crinoline petticoat, yellow petticoat, Lime Crinoline Petticoat? we've got you covered

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